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With a background in community and voluntary sector ICT projects, frankweb specialises in advising small to medium sized organisations, companies and individuals on their first steps into ICT projects - whether that is a website, ecommerce setup or community internet facility - and providing design solutions to meet their needs.

Screenshot of Ruth Armstrong's site

Featured site - Ruth Armstrong

Ruth Armstrong is a writer who has just published her first novel - Unsafe Sex. This site was created to promote both her as a writer and her book. Ruth asked for something 'simple and classic, with a hint of modern edge' in terms of design. She wanted something that would frame her words without distracting the site visitor from them. Read more about the site here

frankweb uses associates so that we can meet the exact needs of our customers. If you need media training as part of your package we can supply that service using a well respected voluntary sector media trainer. If you need an identity makeover then we can supply that service.

frankweb make it happen. They're creative, collaborative and brilliantly experienced. We love working with them.
Ian Peacock
Managing Director Talk Consultancy
  • All of our associates are experienced and respected in their particular field, so you can be assured that you are receiving the best service
  • Using our approach saves you time because we find the people to do the jobs you need done, and it saves you money because it's all part of a package
  • Don't worry if our listed associates don't provide the sorts of services you need, we can find someone to provide that using our extensive network of contacts

How we work:

I have already had great feedback and I am very happy with my elegant new site which I am sure will enhance my business.
Joanne O'Brien
  • To meet your needs we can call on our associated companies and freelancers and provide a custom team for your project
  • We understand the community and voluntary sector because we've worked in it
  • Our ICT strategies are always integrated into a wider communications strategy
  • We can provide a complete package - strategy, design for web and print, development and hosting services
  • Our associates are recognised in their fields