Key points
  • We understand how the internet fits in with tradition communications
  • We can provide a total makeover
  • We provide training


Consultancy & training

frankweb's consultancy services range from assessing your ICT based communication needs to looking at how internet technology in all it's forms can help you to provide your services better. Why not ask us whether we can help you. We can look at the communication needs of your whole organisation in print and on the internet to provide a holistic solution to your communication needs.

We can provide:

  • An assessment of your communication needs
  • Internet solutions to your budget
  • An 'identity' makeover for both print and internet
  • Leaflet and publication design
  • Media training
  • Copy writing for print and internet
  • Ecommerce consultancy and provision

We can provide training in:

  • How to commission a website and website developer
  • Writing for the web
  • Basic site development
  • Communicating with your customers

Other services not restricted to the voluntary and community sector

We can provide web design and integrated ecommerce services, as well as a range of writing and design services. Contact us for further information