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frankweb Spring Hosting Offer

Posted by frank - 03/04/14 08:07PM -

We're offering our business level hosting service at a special Spring price. Ideal for small businesses, voluntary organisations and people wanting to run a blog.

Our special low price is £80 a year for sites that run a CMS or blogging system (like WordPress or Joomla) and £50 a year for sites built on static webpages.

You've probably seen the press and tv ads for some of the big hosting companies like 1&1 and GoDaddy. Unlike them we offer a personal service that enables us to advise you on the best set up for your site and your needs.

Our hosting packages include:

  • Set up at no cost
  • One database - additional databases are a one-off fee of £10
  • Unlimited mailboxes with spam filtering at no charge
  • Guaranteed uptime

frankweb hosting is based in the UK and EU so it meets Data Protection standards.

Support is free and can be via email or phone.

Want a CMS installed?

We can install a base system to get you set up and ready to add your styling and text at no extra cost.

Want more than one website hosted?

We offer deals on more than one site, contact us for details.

We're a small local organisation or business and we don't have a big budget

Contact us to talk about discounts for limited periods.

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