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frankweb Spring Hosting Offer

Posted by frank - 03/04/14 08:07PM -

We're offering our business level hosting service at a special Spring price. Ideal for small businesses, voluntary organisations and people wanting to run a blog.

Our special low price is £80 a year for sites that run a CMS or blogging system (like WordPress or Joomla) and £50 a year for sites built on static webpages.

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New Peacockshock launch

Posted by frank - 30/12/13 11:01AM -

We have recently completed a major rebuild and redesign for Ian Peacocks blogsite Peacockshock.

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frankweb hosting upgraded

Posted by frank - 30/12/13 10:56AM -

Our hosting is now running on an upgraded server from CWCS. The upgrade ensures that frankweb hosted sites with complex backend systems are faster and more efficient.

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Resourceful Coaching redesign

Posted by frank - 30/12/13 10:51AM -

frankweb have completed a redesigned site for Resourceful Coaching. The redesigned site uses WordPress at the backend and a customised theme.

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